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Valerie Kadau-Your photographer in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, Europe and worldwide

Nice that you're here!

In the next few lines I'll tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a state-certified photographer and live in Trossingen near Villingen-Schwenningen in beautiful Baden-Württemberg. I grew up here and feel very comfortable.

But I've always had a lot of wanderlust and love getting to know new places and people.

After my training as a photographer, which I was able to do in beautiful Allgäu, I packed my backpack and set off on a journey to Australia. 

I actually only wanted to stay here for 6 months and then go back home. 

But once I got there, I fell so in love with the country, the people and the attitude to life that I couldn't go back so quickly. The feeling of freedom was just too good...

So it turned into 3 years that I spent in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Canada and the USA  spent.


"Home is not a place, it's a feeling"

But after 3 years I really missed my home and especially my family and friends and made my way home!!! And I'm very happy to be here.

Traveling, the sea, beaches, mountains, foreign cultures, hiking and discovering lots of new things is very important to me.

Last year I traveled with my sister in a jeep in Namibia and South Africa. And the bucket list of places is long...

Aaaand I love food!!! I never say no to that and would love to try all the dishes in the world :-)

I am a very creative person, I love painting and singing and I could spend hours editing pictures.

The photography...

There are so many reasons why I love photography. But most of all it's the emotional moments that I get to experience. and the great people I meet.

If you book me as a photographer for your wedding day or for any other shoot, then I don't just want to see myself as a service provider, but more as an advisor and storyteller who captures your special moments for you.

Like a good friend who accompanies you on a special day.

I am open and emotional and that is exactly what I want to show in my photography. 

Authentic, emotional, real photos that show you as you are...

It is important to me that we are on the same wavelength and that you have trust in me and my work.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you!


TEL: 01522 67 34 746

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